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7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with you Dog

Valentine's Day is a day that is different for everyone. Some of us spend it with our loved ones, some spend it working, and others may even spend it with their dog. If you want to make it special for your dog, I'll list 8 things you can do on Valentine's Day (or really any day) to make it special for your dog.

Take Your Dog on a Hike

Taking your dog on a hike is great. If you need a leash that can handle the tough terrain, check out these rope leashes that you can have custom made. Seriously, your dog deserves a great leash and your hand deserves a leash that is soft. 

 Dog Hiking

Sleep In 

Is there anything better than cuddling your dog in bed? Okay, maybe there is but cuddling my dog is currently the best thing because my spouse is on a work trip. My dogs definitely enjoy me staying in bed a bit longer to relax. So if you can, take some extra time to sleep in and stay in bed longer with your dog or cat. Enjoy the extra relaxation and cuddles your pet gives you. 

Dog Sleeping

Get Your Dog a New Toy or Bed

If your dog needs a new toy, Valentine's Day is a great time to sneak in a cute new toy for them. Have they destroyed a bed or just need a bed in another spot of the house or one outside to enjoy the weather (unless you live where it is currently snowing)? Snag one of these adorable beds, we are also adding new designs too.

Road Trip

Okay so this isn't going to work for everyone but even a simple car ride for the dogs who love to stick their head out the window and feel the breeze. You can take them on a short or long ride or actually go on a fun road trip somewhere. See our next tip for a fun road trip idea.

Dog Sticking Head out the Window

Dog Playdate

Does your dog have a best friend or do you have a friend with a dog? Get the dogs together as long as they both can play well together. This can be where you take your dog on a road trip to visit their friend. It'll be fun for both you and your dog. Dogs don't need friends but this can even simply be you and a friend grabbing coffee and both bringing your well-behaved dogs along to a pet-friendly place. 

Make Dog Treats

Making your dog treats can be fun. You know the ingredients that go in there and you can even shape them like hearts to make them cute and fun. Your dog won't know but you will. Plus I'm sure your dog will give you a few extra kisses to say thanks for making them yummy treats. 

Watch a Movie

Grab your dog and cuddle on the couch and watch a movie. This can be your favorite movie, one you've been wanting to watch, or a dog-related movie. Your dog won't care as long as they are getting to spend some quality time with you. My dogs love cuddling but not all dogs do so be sure to not force your dog to do anything they wouldn't want to do. 

Valentine's Day Dog


What are you doing with your dog on Valentine's Day?

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