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Why Are Rope Leashes Better For Dogs?

When it comes to a rope leash, you'll typically find three different types. These types of rope leashes are cotton, nylon, or polypropylene. I'll talk about the differences in them but here at Kai's Canine Creative we focus on making the cotton rope leashes. So if you still want to know, why are rope leashes better for dogs, keep on reading. 

Buying the right type leash for your dog will make walks and adventures more fun. You want a leash you find comfortable to hold and use. 

Best Leash for your Dog: Factors to Consider

Everyone will have different needs for a leash based on your dog's size, your location, activities, and more. 

Leash Length

I sell mostly leashes that are 4 ft, 5 ft, or 6 ft but I can make them in a variety of lengths to fit your needs. Although 4 ft and 6 ft don't seem like a big difference, if you are in busy city streets you'll most likely prefer the 4 ft length so you can keep your dog closer to you. 

If you are hiking and want your dog to have more of an ability to adventure, sniff, and explore, a 6 ft leash would be more ideal for you in that case. Another option making a 6 ft rope leash ideal for you is if you live in a quiet neighborhood where your dog can safely have more space to sniff and explore. 

A 4 ft leash offers you more control over your dog compared to a longer length rope leash. 

rope dog leash on an Australian Shepherd dog at the beach

Diameter Length

The thickness of the rope leash you pick can be important as well. If you have a small dog, you'll typically want a thinner rope leash option so it's a bit more light weight and not as bulky for them. I typically recommend under half inch (1/2 inch) in diameter for small dogs. 

As far as larger dogs go, I tend to recommend a thicker leash as it provides more strength and durability. If you have a large dog who pulls or likes to try to chew on the leash, you'll want to go a bit thicker. I don't recommend ever letting your dog chew on any leash though. 

If your dog is a puller on walks, I highly recommend you use a knotted rope leash by Kai's Canine Creative over the standard leashes we make as it is stronger and can handle more pulling. 

Rope Material

I'll discuss three different materials that are typical for rope leashes. Keep in mind we currently only use cotton rope for our leashes. 

Firstly, I'll mention how polypropylene repels water while nylon and cotton absorb water. If you walk often in the rain, or need to keep the leash on your dog while they play near water, you'll need to keep that in mind while making your choice. 

Cotton is a great choice as it tends to be softer than nylon and polypropylene leashes. If your dog gets irritated or chafes, cotton will make a better choice for your dog. A good cotton rope also tends to be strong and durable which is great but it can add a bit of weight compared to the other types of rope leashes. That being said, Kai's Canine Creative aims to make strong, durable, and light weight cotton rope leashes. Being that we custom make the cotton leashes, we can accommodate a variety of colors and designs on your cotton leash.

Nylon leashes are the most common type of rope leash you'll see, especially at pet stores. Like cotton leashes, they can be good in water as long as you let them dry between uses to prevent them from stretching. Nylon leashes tend to always be lightweight and are available in a variety of colors too. Nylon options are also more susceptible to destruction bad dogs who like to chew.

Clasp or Slip Lead

The final thing to consider is which style of leash will work for you and your dog. The main two being a slip lead style or a clasp style. I mostly recommend a clasp as when using a slip lead you need to make sure it's used properly on your dog. 

If you use a slip lead improperly, it can be quite uncomfortable for your dog, possibly even choke your dog. It's very important you know how to use one properly in this case. Kai's Canine Creative does make cotton rope slip leads but usually at the request of the buyer although I do aim to have a few available on the website at any given time. 

The clasp style leash is the standard leash type you'll see at just about any pet store and available on most websites that sell pet leashes. I make and sell these more often because you can use them on a collar or a harness. 

border collie dog with a yellow knotted rope leash in a tulip field

Best Rope Leashes - Popular Rope Dog Leashes

I'll now be linking a few of our best selling cotton rope dog leashes that we have available on our website.

1. Unicorn Knotted Rope Dog Leash
2. Aqua Knotted Cotton Rope Dog Leash
3. Rainbow Cotton Rope Dog Leash
4. Solid One Color Rope Dog Leash


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